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Few must use features on YouTube that you probably have not used before

YouTube is the second largest search engine after its parent’s company Google. In fact, YouTube has also been considered a social networking site and ranks second highest usages after the Facebook.  Even you use YouTube every day, there are few must use features on YouTube that you probably do now know. Therefore in my today’s article, I am going to let you know about those interesting features. 

Must use features on YouTube

Create a new video link

If you would like to share any YouTube video to notify something specific in the video then YouTube let you create a link that will start the video from any specific moment so that no need to spend time waiting for the moment. 

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How to create a video link to start the video at the specific moment. 

 1 – You need to open any YouTube video that you want to share. 

2 – After the video is open and playing click on the share icon below the video. 

3 – Now you can see the video URL and start at the box with the time under the social media icons. 

4 – You can manually type the time and check the start at the box to start the video from that moment or another way you can also pause the video to let the YouTube fill the start at time box. 

Save video to watch later

Sometimes it happens that when we like some videos on YouTube but do not have enough time to watch it right away, therefore, you probably think if you could just save this video for later watching. Well, that is possible with YouTube now you can save any video you like to Watch Later. 

How to save video for later   

1- Open a video that you like to save in the YouTube.

Must use features on YouTube

2 -Scroll down and find the +Add to below the video title. 

Must use features on YouTube

3 -Click on this icon and check the “Watch later” box or create a new playlist  

4 – To watch your saved videos, open the YouTube homepage and click on the Watch later from the left side menu of your screen. 

5- Once you have watched your saved video from the list you can easily remove it by just clicking on X icon in front of the video. 

 YouTube History

You may not like to keep your YouTube search or watch history here you can easily pause and clear your YouTube history so that when you watch any video on the YouTube after that moment it stops recording your history. 

 1 – Go to the YouTube homepage and click on the History from the left side menu on your computer.  

Few must use feature on YouTube

2 – Now you can see all your YouTube watch history, search history. 

3 – Click on the X to remove any particular video or click on the clear all the watch history to remove all the watch videos from the YouTube history. 

Few must use feature on YouTube that you probably have not used

4 – Now click on the Search history and repeat the same steps to clear the YouTube search history. 

5 – You can also pause the watch or search history so that from the next moment onward it will stop recording your watch and search history.   


 You must have noticed that when you are playing a video after the video is finished there are up next videos which play automatically by default. If you do not like that you can turn off Autoplay and play any video manually. 

I hope you learn something new today about YouTube. Please let me know your feedback in the below comment box and share this with your friends.

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