How to make a conference call from your Android phone

How to make a conference call:

Smartphone has made the life easier when it comes to connecting with your family and friends. But do you know that you can even make a conference call and get connected with 2 or more persons at the same time? Yes, friends, you can make a conference or group call from your Android phone or even with any basic keypad phone.

Here is how you can do it:

To make a conference first thing to do is to dial any number.

Once call is connected you need to tap on + Add call and make another call.

How to make a conference call

While you are connecting to another call, your first called number will go on hold.

And now once your second call is connected you will get the option to merge the call.

How to make a conference call

You need to tap on Merge call to start the conference call.

In case if you want to disconnect someone in between you can just tap Conference.

How to make a conference call

Now you can all the people connected on the call, you can choose anyone to disconnect.

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