What is LinkedIn and how it is different from other social media sites

What is Linkedin:

LinkedIn is an employment service where you make your business profile and make connections with business minded people to get more job exposure. It’s like a place to display your public CV so that companies can hire you more easily and efficiently without any worries.

On this site, people who have an already professional life and work can share their experiences, tactics or even advise those who need help. In this way, those who are new in the professional work field and are still looking for a job get help from those who are experienced.

This company which allows business minded people to interact with each other was established in December 2002, but the website was launched in 2003, and since then has been famous for professional willing people as it helps them find the perfect platform for their work life.

You might be one of those people who doesn’t have English as their first or official language so it must be difficult for you to write or read in English, to make things easier for you this site has several dialects. There are 562 million users on this website as of May 2018. This is a trustworthy company that is one you should most definitely use for your professional or job-related activities, as this may also help many other people.

Why is Linkedin better than other social media:

Nowadays overpopulation is a huge problem, but overpopulation also leads to the question that many young people are unemployed. This is the problem everyone is aware of, we are told by our elders to study hard, or we won’t find a job, but the thing is that in this modern era mostly those with good connections get good jobs.

To deal with this problem LinkedIn was introduced, as it is a platform for people to use references or even look for people because they can help them. People on LinkedIn can also hire other unemployed people for any jobs they are responsible. This is a tremendous help to the people of this era.

Unlike those big famous apps that only distract people from the responsibility they have in their life and make them habitual of looking at their or others photos, liking, DM-ing, or any other useless stuff, LinkedIn is helping people for the betterment of their future.

By supplying people the platform to get a chance to get a job, LinkedIn is helpful to those people out there who are desperately in need of a job. It is a handy app that can, for the most part, stabilize your future. By helping unemployed people; LinkedIn in hugely contributing to the society for the betterment of our professional life.

How is it different from other social media platform:

LinkedIn is very different from the social media apps that are used nowadays, as it’s sole purpose is to provide people with professional services. As it is different from those sites, it only allows you to have one photo of yours, and that is on your profile, you can also not write a blog or do anything of that sort.

There have often been instances when a person on social media had lost their job or have faced downfall because of anything they said in their blog, etc. LinkedIn is pretty much different from social media sites in more than one way. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn has LinkedIn Groups that choose specific professional groups and selects a team manager, and thus people are accepted in the team.

When you are looking for a job, you need a positive attitude and outlook to make more people like you. Why this is important is because if people like you and acknowledge your skills and talents, they might praise you or give a right word about to an employer, thus getting you a job. LinkedIn provides you with a platform where you can make professional connections with experienced people, and that can significantly improve your image. You must try your best to show people your skills and experience so that more people will prefer to work for you, and if you work hard enough for that, you will most certainly find a job.

Why should you be on Linkedin:

Many people who are already employed think that since they have a job, they no longer need to be in LinkedIn, but that is a terrible choice that they will most likely regret in the end. Even If you get employment, you still need not leave LinkedIn.

As being employed, LinkedIn can help you improve if you lack in any aspect. Moreover, you should share your experience and skills on LinkedIn so that those people who are still looking for a job can get some guidance from you; you may even be the reason for their success in finding a good job.

In this modern day, some people may still be facing many difficulties also if they have a job; they may also have problems at work. To deal with such issues, you should join LinkedIn as it provides a natural approach for your professional work problems.

LinkedIn is of extraordinary esteem and significance for you, as it helps you incredibly to develop yourself professionally. As you share your experience and any projects that you have worked on in the past, people acknowledge your skills and further tell experts about your qualifications and connections. Even if you get a good job, you should always connect to LinkedIn with updated profile because you will undoubtedly receive better job opportunities!

The best thing about LinkedIn except the fact that it provides unemployed people with jobs is that it is open for people on a global scale. The reason why this is such a good thing is that people can search for jobs all over the world plus if you have a business and you want to expand it internationally then there is no other platform which can be better then what LinkedIn provides you!

How will you get the benefit of using Linkedin :

As a person thinks of joining this platform, many questions arise in their mind, and they start doubting whether or not to participate. People often wonder why they should individually join this site or how this can be better or more helpful form all of those other social media sites out there. This doubt often leads people to make the wrong decision, because they might be searching for the information or looking for answers in the wrong place and only a small decision can easily ruin their future.

Following are the benefits that a person on LinkedIn has as in their professional life:

  • You internationally get experience, as this site functions globally. You will not tie to the fact that this will only allow you to make connections within the country. Many opportunities will be provided for you to establish relationships with people who are from all around the world.
  • This users of this app can find the kind of job they want or that according to which they qualify. Those of the users who are having any difficulties finding a job will find it easier to get a job, because of the platform LinkedIn provides for unemployed people.
  • LinkedIn may be able to help people find their dream jobs in a non-tiring way, but it also allows employers list their jobs and look for people who meet their standards for this job, those people get a job, and the employer gets someone to do the job.
  • You can make connections with other people on LinkedIn without any difficulties; you make professional contacts and ties, this way through those whom you are connected to you are promoted. Those people might give a right word about you to the employers and even tell others about your skills and talents.
  • People can flourish their business internationally and can gain recognition without a hassle. LinkedIn provides you opportunities to expand your business as much as you can and also helps you find workers for your company.

How to join Linkedin:

To join the Linkedin, you need to go to the website https://www.linkedin.com.

To have a better result on Linkedin, you need to have a good Linkedin profile where you can upload your resume, write your carrier objective, your academic and carrier achievement. Share your detailed description about your work experience and start building your professional network with the people in the same field.   


These were some of the benefits that people who use LinkedIn have, but there are so many more of them. LinkedIn has advanced into a substantially more efficient service site by empowering organizations to develop their client bases, create items and administration thoughts, and increase significant criticism. LinkedIn is most definitely worth your time and attention, as it helps you in securing a job or your company.

This site gives you advice on your professional life and career; you need not worry about being left out in this fast-paced world because of LinkedIn. Join groups and stay connected with all the people around you so that you will always be updated on the latest news of any product that has just been launched or some new business strategy that you most likely don’t want to miss out on!

You can trust LinkedIn in helping you with connecting, promoting, employing and finding a different approach for you to help you make your business a huge success.

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