Top 8 useful hidden features on Gmail that you must use

Most of us have a Gmail account but there are many hidden features which are really very useful in our daily work. Here is the top 8 useful hidden feature on Gmail that most of us are not aware of.

 1- Login more than one Gmail account:

You might have more than one Gmail account for any personal or business reasons. You can you manage more than one Gmail account in one browser at the same time.

Login to Gmail account and click on the profile picture.

Now you can click on to Add account.

useful hidden feature on Gmail

Here you can you put your id and password to login your another account.

Please Note: First login Gmail account will be your default account. Which you mean if you will open any other Google app, it will open your default Gmail account.

If you will sign out any of the Gmail accounts then all email account will get logged out.

2 – Change the password of Gmail account:

You may want to change the password of the Gmail account for security reasons.

Login to Gmail account.

Go to the right corner and click on the settings icon.

useful hidden feature on Gmail

Now you need to click on the Settings option.

useful hidden feature on Gmail

Now you will have all the settings options.

To change the password you need to click on Accounts and Import.

useful hidden feature on Gmail

click change password from here to change your Gmail password.

Please note you need to have your old password in order to change the password. otherwise, it will go to recover your password.

3 – Change the theme of the Gmail account:

You can make your Gmail account look even more attractive by just choosing your favorite theme. There are many themes are available to choose from but you still have the option to import any image or your personal photo. You can either choose from your Google photo or you can import any photo from your computer or from the browser.

Login to your Gmail account.

Click on your profile photo and select Theme from the given option.

useful hidden feature on Gmail

Now you choose any theme you like and click on Save.

Change the theme of Gmail account

Or you can click on My photo in the right bottom corner to choose any photo of your choice.

Here you can also import any photo from the browser and use as your Gmail theme.

4 – Unsubscribe Newsletter:

We all receive lots of newsletter email every day which is very annoying so how do we get rid of this? you can find unsubscribe link on the bottom of the every newsletter email. Install a plugin to clean all your junk email with one click.

 5- Default Reply All:

useful hidden feature on Gmail

In case you have to resend the frequent email to many, you can use “Reply all” option in Gmail. Go to setting under General tab go to reply behavior and select reply all and save the changes on the bottom.

6 – Read Multiple Email:

Press and hold the shift key and at the same time select multiple email tab to read multiple emails.

7 – Unread Email Inbox:

In case if you want to go through unread emails first you can create multiple inboxes. Go to setting in Gmail and select Inbox tab and now select unread email first from the drop-down. Now you will see multiple inboxes with unread email inbox on top.

8 – Read Inbox Offline:

This is the most useful feature of Gmail it lets you check your email without the internet connection. All you need to do is to install Gmail offline extension in the Google Chrome browser. Go to setting then go to the offline tab and now you need to click on Launch Gmail Offline.

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