Top 5 most useful android tricks that you must use

Android has many useful features that will add more value to your life. With the latest Google apps and feature for the Android makes it easier to manage and secure your device. Here are the 5 most useful Android tricks that you will find very useful.

Top 5 most useful android tricks

Disable/Uninstall Default App:

There are some apps which are pre-installed comes along with the phone itself that you may or may not like to keep them. In case if you want to uninstall or disable them you can go to the setting and open the app menu. Now you will see disable app option on the top right corner you can disable whichever app you do not want to run in the background. Please note that some app that is the part of the system will remain nonremovable.

Track Your Device:

Sometimes we forget our phone somewhere in the house and you are not able to find it you are calling your number but due to the silent mode, it is not ringing. You do not need to worry with new Android Device Manager you can not only track your phone’s location but also you can ring it even if is switched off or on silent mode.  All you need to do is to log in to your Google account on any other device and go to my account. Now you need to go to find my phone or go to the Android Device Manager. It will show your phone location and the best part is that you can ring it even if is switched off or on silent mode. You can also erase all your phone data remotely using Android Device Manager.

Manage Your Mobile Data:

If you have limited data on your phone and you have to manage the entire month but you are not able to control it and consume it before the month ends. Don’t worry now you can manage your data and check your data usages. All you need to do is to go to system setting from here you can reset your data usages as per the plan and get a notification when you are about to exhaust or you can also set the limit beyond to which your data will stop.

Auto Photo Backup With Google Photo App:

Sometimes when we lose our phone or damaged it we could lose all our photos if you don’t have a backup.  With the Google Photo app, you can enable the auto backup so that all your phone will be saved and synced by default in Google Photo app.

Setup Power Backup:

Sometimes manage your battery backup on your phone is really very important. you may have to make an urgent call but you don’t have enough battery power. You can go to the battery menu and reset this power saving so that when it reaches the certain level of battery power it will automatically turn the power backup on. Many new devices already have an extra new feature to save the battery by default.

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