How to switch to Gmail new design in just one click

Now Gmail has a new look and you can enable this new look in just one click. Gmail new design is a choice so if you are used to current design you can switch back. But I am sure you will love the new design with more simplified features.

Switch to Gmail new design

To enable the new design of Gmail login to your Gmail account.

Now click on the Settings icon on the right corner and then click on Try new Gmail.

 Gmail new design

Now you will see the new Gmail look will be opened with a few added features like access to Calendar, Keep, and Tasks.

 Gmail new design

If you like this new Gmail design, then you can continue.

But in case you want to switch back to the same classic then right click on Setting icon on the right corner and click on Go back to classic Gmail.

 Gmail new design

I hope that Gmail will add more feature very soon to this Gmail new design.

If you have any concern related to this, please write me in the comment box.

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