Top 10 part time jobs opportunities for the college students while studying

In this digital age, the competition is never before! There is a cut-throat competition in all aspects of the distinguished sector. The need for skilled workers has been tremendously increased in all aspects of the job market. Charles Darwin’s theory “Survival of the fittest” can be easily applied to the job market.

The Indian society is conservative by nature where kids are brought up by their parent until the completion of their education. But nowadays; new welcomed trend “earning with learning” is booming in the Indian market. New-aged kids becoming more aware and their quest for the independence in the form of financial freedom have been increasing.

Adding to this, the Internet revolution in the last 5-6 years has paved the new opportunities for the tech-savvy generation. They can even earn full-time or part-time from the Internet-related jobs. These are the jobs which are purely tech-related or mingled with the offline services. These jobs are either purely based online or part-online or offline. Let us take a view of the top 10 part time jobs opportunities for the college students.

Part time jobs opportunities for the college students:

Online Research

The youth spending most of their time on the internet, so why not make the internet work for them?

Although there is a lot of boring listening to the work of online research, it also gives you an opportunity to get information about many subjects with good earnings. You can work for it in Business or Media Houses or any other company. This work is one of the best revenue generation programs if done properly. It can also be done from your comfort.

Content Editing/writing

If you have a passion to write or have a good grasp on language, then Content editing is for you. There are many such websites where you can earn good money by doing a two-four-hour copy editing or content writing work. For those who want to make a career in the field of media or writing, this will be a very beneficial start.

Business starts with writing authentication! It rightly quotes: ” What we write is more important than what we say”. Writing work can be used as the proof. Written words are most impactful in the human nature. So anybody has a passion for writing, he can just choose the career as a writer. The quest for good writers is unending! The sky is the limit for the impactful writer.

Translation and Proof-reading

If you know more than one language; then this is a great platform to express! You can do this work by joining a company or on a freelance basis. It provides money according to the quantity and complexity of the content. By taking one to two hours or two days a week, you can earn well in this area. You can be a proof-reader too!

You can also fetch money if you are expert in any language, its grammar, syntax, and semantic. This work could be a full time if you are really good at it!

Guest service chaired

This work can be done on holidays or weekends. Its demand is mostly in tourism and event management. Here’s how to deal with guests or clients and solve their problems-

Social Media

Gradually social media is becoming a major part of the business. In this way, most companies want to maintain their presence on social media. In this job, you have to manage the social media accounts of companies and manage their content. For this, understanding of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. is important.

Online/offline Teaching

If you have a desire to teach people, then this is for you! The area of online teaching is quite wide. In this concept, you teach students about your subject online. There is a lot of income in this area and you can choose time according to your own.

The beginning can be done with the children of your neighborhood. Tuition can be taught to children by taking time out of the house chores. Nowadays online tutor also has a lot of demand. The trend of fitness and yoga has increased tremendously.

Apart from being a housewife, the work as a fitness and yoga trainer can also be your part-time job. Part Time is the most effective way to earn money for you, which you can earn by educating other children. There are many parents who do not have time to spend time with the children due to lack of time. They need a private tutor for their child.

Online Property dealing

You can become a property dealer by knowing the projects around your city. You just have to post the advertisement on different social media sites. Customer, clicking through your link is considered as your prospectus. If your prospectus buys something, you will be commissioned.

This is a commission agent’s work that can also be done to provide a home to the needy. Just have a little information about your society and the surrounding areas. The property of the property broker can be easily made.

Online survey job

Online survey job demand has increased rapidly. Survey companies give users the task of providing input for a product or service. The best feature of this job is that you do not have to invest any money in this survey. For every survey, the company gives money or reward points, which can be used on any shopping website.

Fragrant candles

Apart from this, you can start the business of fragrant candles from home. Trade can be done by making gift baskets at the weddings. Another big plan of the Central Government is to make the women of the country financially capable and self-reliant. The goal of the government is to provide employment to 40 million women and that too where they live.

The outcome of the initial scheme has been good and given the same, the government is starting it in the whole country. Work has been started on a large scale to launch this scheme to provide livelihood resources to women across the country tuntil2019. The Central Government and the State Government will help women together.

Detailed information about this can be done in the respective government office in your city. Through the handloom industry, people are getting home-based jobs.

Data entry jobs

The job of data entry for you can be a good option in a part-time job and you can do this work at home. After doing this work, you can send data, sitting at home online. But you should be excellent in typing in English and also have knowledge of computer MS Word. This job is a good oscillation for you.

Form Filling

You can work to fill a home-based form in a part-time job. For this, the company will expand information through online, which you have to complete. To apply for this job, you must have knowledge of computer knowledge and internet surfing and know about opening any website.

Advertising Posting

Advertising posting is a great part of your part-time job. You have to post the company’s advertisement on different classified websites. The more ads you post on websites, the more money you will get. You have to have a laptop and internet for this work.

SMS Marketing

Working SMS for you is the most common job for part-time In this, the company transmits its product information and plans through SMS to the people. These women can also do so in their spare time and earn more money. The work of sending SMS is also an effective way to earn money.

Copy paste jobs

You do not need any mental exercises in the work of copy paste. Because in this work you can only copy and paste the information provided by the company on various websites. The more money you post in this work, the more money you earn. For this, you must have full knowledge of the Internet.

A part-time seller

Online product selling companies like Flipkart or Amazon will sell your product. Just go to any of your favorite shopping sites and join there as a seller. If you don’t have any product, just search your local market for something special product. Buy some products at a lower price and sell them online at the higher prize. You can take a dealership of any unique product too…

Virtual Call-Centre Agent

This work is also home-based-work for which can be done from your home. There are several types of jobs in the call center but the best are – telemarketing, customer service, survey, sales, verification, etc. that you can sit home. To conclude, all the jobs mentioned could fetch good earning while learning!

Apart from these jobs, there are a thousand jobs to do! It depends on your choice and interest. There are numerous opportunities ahead of a new generation, especially for students and housewives. Internet explores the new dimensions for the serious workers and people are earning in millions already!

So let’s sharpen our skills and try it online…

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