Top 5 most useful apps from Microsoft store for your international tour

Sometimes it is really very much boring when your destination is very far and you want some entertainment so it is better to download your favorite content to ensure your entertainment is portable. You can also visit the Windows and Xbox store to have the access to music and games. Download your favorite shows and movies from Netflix-download the app from the Windows Store. 

You must download the useful smartphone, tablet and computer app which will make sure that you have almost access to everything in your hand. Some of the most useful apps from Microsoft store are given below to download before you take off for the next trip.

 Useful apps from the Microsoft store for an international tour

 1 – OneDrive:

useful apps from Microsoft store

This app is very useful to save your photo and another document so that you do not run out of space on your smartphone or tablet. When you go to some special place you just stop clicking the picture and if you have limited space on your smartphone very soon you will stop but with OneDrive app, you can save all your memories.

Even if your device is stolen or damaged you will not lose those memories as it gets saved online and you log in you will have all backed up.

 2 – TripAdvisor:

useful apps from Microsoft store

With TripAdvisor app searching for a new place, booking an affordable hotel room, flight booking is easier. This app is also very helpful to check the must-see places around your place, restaurant and things to do.

3 – Skype:

useful apps from Microsoft store

If you are concern about how you will be communicating on international roaming charges then Skype can be the best solution for this concern. You can chat and call your family and your friends with free Wi-Fi calling.

4 – Yelp:

useful apps from Microsoft store

Yelp is another very useful app which you must install for the local guide to find the perfect place to eat, shop, play and relax. You can also read the review from the previous traveler and local people on the Yelp to get to the authentic one.

5 – Microsoft Translator:

useful apps from Microsoft store

If you are traveling outside the country you might have language problem so be sure to download Microsoft Translator which support 60 languages and very helpful to understand the local languages writing.

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