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How to make Google as homepage on all the browsers



When you open any browser it open with its default homepages like,, or any other. But if you prefer Google as homepage you can remove another homepage from any browser. here is how you can make Google as your homepage on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and on Android phone or tablet browser.

Google as homepage on Google Chrome

If you are on Google Chrome browser and your homepage is not Google you can set it now.

1- Open the browser and go to the top right corner and click on the Three dot and select Setting.

2 – Now go to the appearance and check the box that says Show Home Button.

3- Now you will see a web address and a link to change it so click Change.

Google as homepage

4-  Click to Open this page and enter in the box.

5 – Click Ok to change this to your homepage.

Google homepage on Internet Explorer

1 – Open the internet explorer browser and go to the top right corner and click setting icon that says Tools.

2 – Now select Internet Options.

3 – Now under the General Tab you can see the Home page URL.

Google as homepage

4 – Now you can click here to change it to

5 – Click Ok to change this your homepage.

Google homepage on Microsoft Edge

1 – Open the Microsoft Edge browser and go to top right corner and click on the Three dot and select Setting.

2 – Now scroll down and go to the “Open With” option.

3 – Now select A specific page or pages.

4 – You can open the drop-down and select Custom.

5 – Now you can close the current homepage.

6 – Now you can enter and select the plus sign to make Google your homepage.

Google homepage on Mozilla Firefox

1 – Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and type in the search bar.

2 – Now you can drag and drop this tab on the Home icon on the top right corner.

3 – Now you will see a popup on your screen you click on Yes.

Android Browser

1- Open your browser app it should be named as Internet or Browser.

2 – Go to the top right corner and tap the More button.

3 – Now tap on setting now tap on Homepage.

4 – Now tap on Other web page and enter

5 – Now tap Ok to make Google your default homepage on your android phone.

Freinds, I hope this article was helpful. if you have any concern related to this please type in the comment box.

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