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How to save your laptop battery



Windows 10 has lots of inbuilt features when it comes to saving battery. In today’s post, I am going to show how to use those power saver features to get maximum out of your laptop battery. There are many background activities which consume power. So you can just customize and limit those background activities by just keeping useful apps and features open to save laptop battery.

How to save laptop battery

 1 – Use Battery Saver

You can use the battery saver feature to save battery power when your laptop battery level goes below 20%. By doing this, you will stop notifications and email syncing. To do this you need to go to the Settings and click on System. Now you can click on Battery and check the box given below.

2 – Power and sleep settings

To save more battery power go to Settings and click System to choose Power and sleep.

Here you can change shorten the time for the screen to go off in case of no activity.

This way you can keep your battery last longer.

So this how you can save your battery in Windows 10. If my post was helpful please like, share and comment.

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