How to cleanup computer on regular basis free of cost

Most of the computer users think of buying some expensive cleanup program to cleanup their computer but friends, if you have the Windows computer and it is not running as good as you expect it to run then here is how to cleanup computer on regular basis free of cost.

1) Uninstall the useless applications

  • Open the control panel from the windows search
  • Now go to the program and hit uninstall the program.
  • Select the application and right click to uninstall.

2) Remove the Temp Files

When you use your computer with the internet and download software and applications in your PC, lots of junk files, cache and cookies are also downloads. Which take lots of space on the hard drive these files slow down your PC. So you need to remove these temp/junk files from your PC and do it on regular basis.

Press the Windows key with the letter R and type %temp% and press enter key.

Now you need to select all by pressing Control key with letter A and press Shift key with the Delete key.

3) Clean the disk

Go to my computer or this PC and right click on C disk and go the properties to click on disk cleanup.

Now it will calculate how much space it can be cleaned up.


Now you can check all the box to remove all the junk files from the hard disk.

How to Clean Windows computer on regular basis for free

Once you have removed junk files and unwanted programs from your PC you will see the big difference in the performance. You can cleanup your computer at least once in every month to have better performance on your PC.

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