20 Legit ways to earn money from the internet with almost no investment

The revolution of the Internet along with mobile technology created a new era of human development. The digitization is influencing all facet of the society. The emergence of the Internet has paved the new dimension to the overall mankind to earn money from the internet.

The innovative and creative ideas have been evolved which has turned PC into a money-making machine. The Internet is the treasures of opportunities. There are various legitimate ways to earn money from the Internet.

The list of 20 legit ways from simple work to tougher one is given below:

Earn money from the internet

 Simple ad-clicking

This is one of the simplest jobs available on the internet. You get paid by only viewing and clicking the given websites. Anyone can do it because no special skill is needed for doing this job work.

You just open the link, click and wait for 4-5 seconds, and it’s done! Just 15- 20 minutes are needed for each website you join. You just must be disciplined because of the higher possibility of carried away while watching the offers of the clicking. Moreover, the persistence with this work is very important.

Ad-clicking job provider sites are called PTC sites. There are thousands of PTC sites available online but only a few are legit. Be careful while choosing your site.

Below is the list of 5 genuine PTC sites on which you can freely join and earn handsomely by working around 1- 2 hours/ day.

Filling online Survey

The survey is an important business activity by which a company can evaluate their customers, their preferences, product quality, etc. You can earn in thousands by filling out the survey honestly.

Some other things like your overall profile and a demographic area will be evaluated while awarding a Survey to you. There are numerous dedicated Survey sites where you can sign up and receive regular Surveys. You will receive anything $5 to $20 for completing just one survey.

It is recommended to join minimum 20 survey sites. You will receive 50 surveys in a month. You will earn easily around $800-$1000 in a month by just working 1-2 hours in a day.

 E-mail Marketing

E-mail marking is another way of making online money. But in this way, the success rate is very low if your prospect doesn’t know you directly. Stay away from any offering of e-mail sellers because it will not fetch you any business. It’s better to subscribed customers first into your subscription list through your blog or site, and then you should try e-mail marketing.

 Online GPT jobs

As the name indicates, GPT or Get Paid Task offers the completion of simple tasks like sign up, playing online games, watching ads, watching videos, filling small surveys, etc. You will get some amount in return.

There are thousands of GPT sites available; most of them are spam in nature. You are advised to sign up only with those which are guanine and having a good track record. You can earn decent money of about $250-$400 per month by joining 5 GPT sites and invest your time of 20-30 minutes daily.

The recommended sites are listed below:

Online Captcha Solving Jobs

Anyone can do this simple job. In this work, you have to identify and enter the exact 4-10 characters given in the image file.

The payout ratio is $1 to $3 for solving 1000 captchas. Depending on your typing speed and internet speed of your device, you can complete the task of 1000 captchas in about 1-2 hours. This will be resulted in about earning of $500 in a month.

Here is the list of top 5 captcha entry site from where you can be benefited:

Selling products on E-bay

E-Bay provides a worldwide platform to sell your product online.

It is the most popular auction site. The most interesting aspect of this platform is you can sell items you no longer want. You just have to search the items around your home; list them on eBay and watch the bidding of the customers.

You can also purchase clearance items at the through-away price and sell them by listing them on the same platform too. You should be smart researchers who can analysis trending items at that time. The sky is the limit to earn for the eBay retailers.

Sell photos online

If you are a professional photographer, or photography is your passion, this work is 100% for you.

You must have creativity and persistence to be successful as you’ll find serious completion in selling your photos online. You need to license your images or sell them as stock photography.

You can post your licensed photographs on the websites like Shutterstock or istockPhoto; you just have to wait for the buyer. Once your photographs sold, you will receive your payment in your account.

Create Your Tube Videos

YouTube is the most popular site for the video-seekers. You can easily earn $600-$1000 if you can create 1-2 videos on the subject you choose. The more popular you are, the more traffic subscription you will receive.

You have to just join the YouTube partner program once with Google, the parent company of YouTube. Then create the interesting videos and place it online. You can also promote your videos on your social media too!

Creating Apps

This is lucrative work which needed technically sound skills. If you have a great idea and right mindset, you can literally mint millions!

You have to spend lots of time and money in research work before you can go through creating the app. The emergence of smart-phone has created the bunch of opportunities and creating a unique app is one of them.


If done properly, blogging is a treasure for you! People are making millions with the blogging. Blogging is ideal for the students, housewife or anyone who has some time to spend.

Some simple steps of blogging are given below:

  • You can join free or become a paid subscriber. It is advised to be a paid subscriber if you don’t know the designing aspects. They will provide the layout designing and another inferior task for you.
  • Start posting some good content on the subjects you like. Express yourself! You may choose ANY topic under the Sun.
  • Start promoting your blog.
  • Promote advertisement of AdSense or other Affiliating programs and make money.

Virtual Assistant

This job is great for someone who can get work done with their clients.

You should have an excellent command over MS-office tools and good communication skill to interact with your client. You may find jobs as a virtual assistant via some websites too! But they will keep some of your remunerations. You may directly offer your services with Fiverr website.

Below is the list of 5 legit websites through which you can get your clients:

  • Belay
  • Zirtual
  • Time Etc
  • Fancy Hands
  • Worldwide 101

Writing Articles

Writing is the backbone of each and every website on the Internet. You can earn as much as you can by the skills in your writing.

There are various online fields like blogging, content writing, email, social media writing, story writer, writing reviews, SFO writing, news writing that can give you lots of money.


Freelancing is the specialized extension of writing articles. It demands the particular specialty as a writer. The self-analysis is predominant while choosing a freelancing field. There are different ways of working as a freelance writer.

Different freelancing ways are given below:

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Write articles and blogs for other people
  • Copywriting work
  • Translation work
  • Writing Resume and Cover letter
  • Writing Essays, scripts, press releases, advertisements, occasion-related writing, poetry writing.
  • Write research papers and advertisements.
  • Write legal documents.

There are hundreds of available freelance websites online where you can join as a writer and earn money. Here is the list of 5 most popular websites where you can join as a writer and earn handsomely.

 Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the highest paying online works. However, it is the most challenging and difficult task too! The work includes promoting a product of the merchant you are being affiliated.

You will receive a commission when someone signs in the merchant site or purchase a product through your promotion. There are hundreds of best affiliating programs as well as top affiliating networks are available online.

 Online Tutor

Online tutor is the specialized job for the teachers. If you can daily teach for 4-5 hours online to the student, this is the best opportunity to earn $500-$1000 monthly.

The only requirement you need is the laptop with the good broadband connection and the time specified along with the task.

Buy and Sell Domains

This is an exciting job for those who foresee the future! You just have to buy a domain of a particular name. If any company wants the same domain name, you may get lots of money by selling your domain to that company. Some investment and luck needed to become successful in this business.


If you can fetch raw data from audio and video files provided by the client and convert it into text, this work is for you. Go for the transcriptional job if you have good listening, typing, and linguistic skills. You can earn depending on your skills. The average earning of transcriptions ranges from $500-$2000.

Product Testing

Product testing is one of the most alluring jobs available online. While launching the new product, a company prefers to test that product and seeking a feedback in exchange.

They will send the free products or coupons to you if you are the part of their campaign and you will need to send feedback in the form of filling survey they will provide to you. Sometime, they will also send you monetary offers as a thanksgiving.

Sell your products online

If you are a manufacturer of the products, selling your product on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart or another popular shopping site can be a good earning option.

Even if you don’t have any product, you can research some unique products in the local market and sell them with your margins. You can also become re-sellers of the product if the product has been sold by your reference. 

Digital Marketer job

If you are a well-versed digital marketer, this is a great job for you. You must have completed a digital marketing course from the reputed organization if you want your career as a digital marketer. You can work as SEO executive, blog editor, content marketer or analyst.

You can get the opportunity to handle the social media accounts of rich and famous people, big companies, and busy individuals if you proved your worth as an efficient digital marketer.

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