You can access your computer from Android phone

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Google has another very useful Chrome Remote Desktop app which will help you to access your computer from Android phone. You do not need to install any other additional software.  To activate this you need to have Google Chrome browser installed on your computer.

How to access your computer from Android phone :

  • Go to the Google Chrome browser and search for Chrome Web Store and now you can type Chrome Remote Desktop in the search box.
  • Click this application to install this in the Chrome extension.
  • Once you have installed the Chrome Remote Desktop you need to follow the step you can also access another computer or let someone access your computer with this app.
  • Now you can set up a pin and enable the access from any other device.

 access your computer from Android phone

 access your computer from Android phone

  • After you have completed the process and set up a pin now you can install the same app (Chrome Remote Desktop) in your Android phone from Google Play Store.
  • Now since you are logged in from the same Google account on your Android phone you will automatically see the computer you can control.
  • Now it will show you all the computer which have common Google account logged in so you can select the computer you want to access and enter the pin to connect.

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